R4 Game Plan Pad

The R4 Game Plan Pad
R4 Game Plan Pad

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R4 Game Planning Pad


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The Ultimate GamePlanning Pad 

The R4 Game Plan Pad is a spiral notebook on card stock paper. Each book consists of 50 formation game plan grids and 50 pages of 8 box with field background templates. 

  • Accelerates coaches game planning work flow
  • Effective for player understanding of game plan strategy 
  • Provides a visually tool to play the game before the game

Take Your Game Planning To The Next Level!

What Our Customers Say About Us

"The R4 Game Plan Pad is a must for all offensive coaches! It helped me organize all the defensive looks and play calls into one collective dashboard. I was able to eliminate wasted looks and focus more on what matters most to attack an opponnent." 

Reggie Stover

Offensive Coordinator

Glendale College, California

“The R4 Game Plan Pad helped our staff staff streamline the game planning process. The pad allowed us to pin point defensive patterns faster. It also restrained us from overloading a gameplan with unneccessary plays. This helped us improve our practice plans and feel more confident on game nights.

Todd Knipp

Head Coach

Chesapeake High School, Ohio

"The R4 Game Plan Pad is a tool that I have been looking for my entire career. The layout allowed me to assemble defensive looks faster than ever. It also helped my staff collaborate plays more effeciently. I was able to construct game plans in half the time using it!" 

Todd Espeland

Offensive Coordinator

Forrest City High School, Iowa

Common Questions

Is the Game Plan Pad only for R4 members?
No, any football coach at any level can use this pad independently of the system.
Does the game plan pad work with every offensive system?

Yes, the R4 Game Plan Pad can be used with any offensive system.

Do I have to game plan a specific way to use this pad?

No, the R4 Game Plan Pad is customizable to work with any method of gameplanning.