R4 + Reps Virtual COVERAGE READS & Route family 

Training bundle

"This is the ultimate cheat code for football!"

"No other product allows you to get live reps through the lens you look through in a game!"

"This is the only way to recreate game speed reps!"

You can get it w/ the R4 & REPs VR training system.


What is it?

The R4 + REPS Virtual Coverage Reads & Route Family  Training will give quarterbacks & receivers the ability to accelerate anticipation of “What is Open” against any defensive coverage in football using the R4 system. 


The coverages in the program 


  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3 Sky Field 
  • 3 Sky Boundary
  • 4


  • 0 Press 
  • 1 Robber
  • 2 Tampa
  • 2 Invert
  • 3 Cloud Field
  • 3 Cloud Boundary
  • 3 Buzz Field
  • 3 Buzz Boundary


  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 20
  • 40

The routes in the program 

rhythm routes

  • Fade
  • Seam
  • Cross
  • Corner
  • Post

read routes

  • Comeback
  • Curl
  • Dig
  • Sail
  • Drag


  • Hitch
  • Slant
  • Out
  • Shallow
  • Stick

The coverage weakness training has 21 of the top defensive coverage scenarios used at the NFL/NCAA/High School levels!

There are a total of 42 coverage scenarios from the Left & Right hash.

Each coverage will be attacked using a 4-vertical concept out of 2x2 and 3x1 formations.

The route family training has a total of 150+ throwing scenarios against defenders for the left & right hash.

Each route will have the 3-5 most common "interception" patterns that "cap" route space along with "uncapped" open route looks. 

The REPs VR system has a patented voice recognition technology that confirms if the QB can read the coverage & weakness correctly.


The result is accelerated learning through a limitless amount of reps that would take years to equal the “live” training that normally would be required.


The system is perfect for: 

Starting QB/WR's that struggle with pre/post snap coverage reads.

Back up QB/WR's that get limited live reps during the season.

Young QB/WR's that cannot anticipate where "Open" space is.  

What is REPS & How does it work?

Advanced Military Technology for the Football Gridiron 

REPS offers the most advanced virtual reality QB training on the market.

Real-Life VR, no animation or CGI - You train with real players making real plays.

REPS is active training, not passive - QBs take a drop and match whole body movement with the scenario in the virtual environment.


REPS proprietary development process has been shown to amp learning by 30% and improve QB decision-making by 60%.

Each training repetition is auto-graded and evaluated using advanced voice-recognition technology, vision tracking, and performance timing.

Every training session is video recorded and can be instantly watched by the player for an instant feedback loop.

Player performance stats are tracked by day, week, month, and year.

REPS creates an unmatched deep-learning environment in your home.

Start training with unlimited live reps in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Buy the R4 Coverage Reads Training Package

Step 2: Buy Meta quest 2 or own an Oculus 

Step 3: Get onboarding email from REPS, account information and user tutorials.


What if a quarterback or receiver does not know the R4 system?

It does not matter as there are tutorial videos at the beginning of the training for each route.

What if I don’t have an Oculus?

You can easily purchase one online or at your local Best Buy. You can also play other VR games with it as well.

What if I am not good setting up and operating new technology?

No problem, our representatives will be there to set you up and take you through the process. 

Is this for multiple users?

This is for a single user, if you are looking for multiple user email us at sales@r4footballsystem.com

How long do I have access to the course materials and REP’s VR training?

The REPS VR application is a one year subscription with the option to renew through REPS VR.

We build winners. period

"I am beyond pleased with the system! My son made immediate and huge gains in the areas of route identification, read progression, voice command, and even footwork. Most importantly, after running hundreds of snaps in REPS, he feels more confident and it shows on the field. It’s like he gained an entire year of in-game experience in just a few short weeks."

- Raja Bell, Former NBA Star and QB Dad

"My son was out for five months with a knee injury and we got REPS with the hope that it would allow him to get the practice repetitions he was missing. 

 The REPS system has improved his timing and picking up reads and made him game ready despite being out for five months. His completion percentage is over 78% and he has already thrown for nearly 1,000 yards with 21 TDs in just 4 games."

- D. Kuschell, Goodyear, AZ - Football

“We have been absolutely amazed at the detail and effectiveness of the REPS virtual reality quarterback training system. It has refined our players’ pre-snap identification and post-snap decision-making abilities, and fosters an eager growth-mindset by providing feedback that other individual training sessions cannot.”

- Brant McAdams, Head Football Coach, PLU