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Coach Maddox is the Assistant Head / QB Coach at Union High School in Tulsa, OK.  He is also a co-owner and Camp / Curriculum director for QB Collective Academy.  He previously served 13 years as the Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach for the nationally ranked 13 time 6A State Champion Jenks Trojans in Oklahoma.

Coach Maddox is considered to be one of the leading experts in QB training and offensive scheme tactics in the country. He is a 4x author and creator of the revolutionary R4 system. The R4 system is a reads and recognition system that is used to accelerate decision making for QB’s and provide sound offensive concepts for their coaches.

Coach Maddox was selected at #16 behind Tony Dungy and Pete Carrol in the HUDL Top 100 Awards as innovators that have changed the game of football. His books Headset to Helmet, Adapt or Die, What is Open?, and Capology are becoming a foundational and must have tool for every football program.

Coach Maddox spends the off-season traveling across the country teaching and training quarterbacks. He is also a coaching consultant for football programs on offensive scheme design and implementation. He is passionate about using the game of football to build great men on and off the field.


Coach Ulibarri is the OC / TE Coach at Union High School in Tulsa, OK.  He is a master certified R4 coach.   He is also a certified QB & WR Coach for QB Collective Academies.  He previously served as Tight Ends / Full Backs coach for the nationally ranked 13 time 6A State Champion Jenks Trojans in Oklahoma.

Coach Ulibarri travels across the country during the offseason working with coaches, quarterbacks and receivers for NFA and R4. He works with coaches across the country helping programs with offensive scheme design and installation. He uses football as a way to help young men reach their potential on and off the field.




  1. Is R4 an offense with a playbook?

Answer: R4 is not any offense.  It is an operating system that accelerates the functionality for any offense that exists in football.  R4 teaches you how to examine and improve your current playbook or customize one that fits your personnel and scheme of choice.     

  1. Is R4 only for HC & OC's?

Answer: R4 is for any coach, player, analyst, sports fan.  The framework and operating system of R4 can be applied to all positions in football.  Furthermore, the principles of R4 can be applied to any domain that requires accelerated decision making under pressure.  


  1. Is R4 membership a one-time fee?

Answer: New content additions and all-access to R4 staff & webinars require a yearly fee.  The cost to renew is 50% of sign-up price.  You can cancel anytime.