a one of a kind course that accelerates play calling ability to move the chains & win games!

the art of play calling course! 

A 4-1/2 hour deep dive into the Concepts, Analytics, & Principles that empower expert play callers. 
Accompanied by a 58-page workbook, this course provides frameworks and fundamentals that will accelerate the play calling learning curve 5-10 years! 


The R4 Art of Play Calling Course provides you with frameworks, tools & tactics that are proven to win situations & move the chains on the field. 

Good play calling is less about the plays and more about the process a play caller uses to call the right play at the right time. 

Learn expert strategies that can accelerate your ability to stay one step ahead of the defense on the field. 

What's Included in each program?

  • Art of Play Calling Course
  • Content Covered

All PLAY CALLERS face the same 10 problems: 

  1. Distilling the gameplan 
  2. Perceiving the reality of space, time & talent
  3. Aligning staff & players to understand play calls
  4. Adapting to unforseen circumstances in game
  5. Using analytics to maximize play calls
  6. Tracking multiple defenders
  7. Stacking decisions
  8. Networking plays together to protect play calls
  9. Layering play calls to set up the defense
  10. Maintaining rhythm under pressure

The R4 art of play calling  will provide tools to fix each of these problems…

If you’re reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are hurting your confidence and production on the field. 

Whether it’s to improve your thinking, accelerate your play calling career trajectory, or to get the offensive coordinator job you want, getting better is something that everyone wants at the end of a season.  But don’t wait until August like everyone else…

Demolish your bad habit’s…

There are 3 killers of great playcalling…

Under / Overthinking

Running the same plays regardless of post snap actions. Cramming too many plays into a call sheet. 
Getting lost in the gameplan.
Neither is optimal. 

    Falling out of rhythm

    Calling plays that get the offense off schedule.  Not adjusting play calls to match defensive pressure.  One step behind defensive reactions. A set-up for failure. 

      Opposing the Odds

      Not understanding how to use analytics and probabilites to put play calling odds in your favor. A lack of pre-planning puts the offense in jeapordy. Basically flying blind. 

      The R4 art of play calling course provides the tools to train all these bad habits out of you…

      On the surface, the R4 Art of Play Calling is a course teaching how become an effective play caller under pressure.

      Upon joining, you’ll unlock  curriculum packed with frameworks that guarantee you will improve your ability to accelerate your game. 

      • 18 modules (4 1/2 hours) covering everything you need to call plays at a high level.
      • 58 page pdf workbook that goes along with the course.  
      • Over 100+ Concept ideas that maximize yardage needed to win in game situations. 
      • Detailed Analytics that give you probabilities to inform the best play call strategies that win critical situations.
      • R4 H.A.L.O. & C.A.P. frameworks that network staff & player understanding to get everyone on same page. 
      • The result is accelerated learning through 15 years of studying the best play callers in football. 
      • Users will have (Lifetime access) to the course. 

      the r4 art of play calling course

      Imagine if you could accelerate your play calling ability 5-10 years!

      Now you can with R4 Art of Play Calling Course!

      The concepts covered in the course 

      down & distance calls

      • P & 10 Calls
      • 1st, 1st Down Calls
      • Normal Downs Calls
      • Off Schedule Calls
      • 2nd & Long Calls
      • 3rd & Short Calls
      • 3rd & Medium Calls
      • 3rd & Long Calls
      • 3rd & X-Long Calls
      • 4th & Short Calls

      field situation calls

      • Open Field Calls
      • Middle of Field Calls
      • High Red Zone Calls
      • Low Red Zone Calls
      • Tite Red Zone Calls
      • Goaline Calls
      • Gotta Have It Calls
      • Backed Up Calls

      pressure packed calls

      • Opening Drives
      • 2 Minute Drives
      • 4 Minute Drives
      • Middle 8 Drives

      There are over 100+ different situational conceptual ideas packed into this course. 

      Each section module will provide 4-5 scheme strategies that maximize the probability of converting the scenario. 

      The R4 playcalling frameworks provide a sequential work flow that will allow the play caller to get a staff and players to understand the key components required to move the chains and win games. 

      The result is accelerated learning through 15 years of studing the best play callers in football. 

      The system is perfect for: 

      Play callers that struggle with decision making in big games.

      New play callers or aspiring play callers that have limited game reps.

      Experienced play callers that are looking for a way to get staff & players to see the game through an expert lens. 

      Who is dub maddox

      Coach Maddox is the Assistant Head / QB Coach at Union High School in Tulsa, OK. He previously served 13 years as the Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach for the nationally ranked 13 time 6A State Champion Jenks Trojans in Oklahoma. Coach Maddox’s quarterbacks have broken numerous records at three different schools in Oklahoma. 

      Coach Maddox is one of the leading experts in QB training and offensive scheme tactics in the country. He spends his off-season consulting with NFL and Division I coaches across the country. He is a 4x author and creator of the revolutionary R4 system. The R4 system is a reads and recognition system that is used to accelerate decision making for QB’s and provide sound offensive concepts for their coaches.


      The R4 Art of Play Calling course is pre-recorded and can be completed at your own pace. 
      All trainings are recorded and will be given to you with Lifetime Access when you sign up.


      The Art of Play Calling course is accessed on our Teachable platform. Upon sign up we will send you all of the workbooks and recordings for the trainings. 


      What if I do not use the R4 system?

      No problem, the content in this course still provides information that works outside the system.

      What if I am not a play caller?

      This course will still provide valuable information to get into the mind of good playcallers and increase understanding of football.

      Who is the R4 Art of Play Calling course recommended for?

      The R4 Art of Play Calling course is recommended for play callers, aspiring play callers, and quarterbacks.

      I just signed up, what can I expect?

      We will email you a sign up link to our teachable platform a few days before the class begins.  This will allow you to access all the course modules, lessons and workbook on any device. 

      How much does the course cost?

      The full price of the course is $295.

      Can I gift enrollment the Art of Play Calling course to a friend?

      Absolutely! And what a tremendous gift indeed.To do so, simply enroll using your email address.Then, send an email to r4footballsystem@gmail.com with the subject line GIFT TRANSFER REQUEST and we will send you further instructions.

      What's the time commitment?

      Life is busy. We know how little time coaches and players have. But spending 15-20 minutes a day this course can be completed in 10 days. 

      How long do I have access to the course materials.

      You will have access to the course materials FOREVER.This includes video materials.


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