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R4 Football

Headset to Helmet

Headset to Helmet

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Headset to Helmet” the groundbreaking book for the R4 System explores a revolutionary approach to coaching quarterbacks by providing a unique perspective that allows the coach to see the game through the QB's eyes. 

The R4 System serves as a powerful communication tool, simplifying the intricate variables involved in quarterback decision-making, from coverage recognition to throw placement in hostile spaces. This innovative operating platform is hailed as the most effective solution for simplifying complex passing game structures, offering easy-to-understand logic and common-sense principles. 

Dive into this expert system to transform your understanding of pass play design, reduce installation confusion, and empower quarterbacks to "Self-Correct Not Self-Destruct" under pressure.

In this book, you will learn a 4-word process that will: 

  • Guide every decision a quarterback makes for every pass play in your existing scheme.
  • Reduce the burden on pass protection.
  • Discipline quarterback footwork once and for all.
  • Increase the sense of urgency for every receiver in a route package.
  • Significantly reduce “if-then” for every pass play.
  • Generate manageable “full field” quarterback reads post-snap.

That’s just a sample of what the R4 System will do for your offense. 

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