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R4 Quarterback School Course Overview, Curriculum, and Schedule

This course is comprised of 8 core sections. 

(Each core module is followed by a film room lesson to review subject material with video examples) 

The 120 page workbook follows each module and lesson step by step. 

Here are the topics covered in the Film Room Lessons:

Film Room Lesson #0:  Kickoff Call + Onboarding for QB school. 

Film Room Lesson #1:  Pass Protections & Hot’s to beat the 5 Front & Blitz families of defense. 

Film Room Lesson #2:  Using the 1 cap / 2 cap, Mike Push & Trap tool to win RPO concepts. 

Film Room Lesson #3: Using the C.A.P. language & vision strategies to accelerate anticipation. 

Film Room Lesson #4:  Virtual Training with Rhythm, Read, Rush and Release Route Families 

Film Room Lesson #5:  Incorporating the 5 Drop and Gap Escape Families to maximize the R4 Timeline.


Film Room Lesson #6:  Implementing R4 scan strategies to find the best route on any pass play.

Film Room Lesson #7:  Mastering the most common pass plays in football using the R4 system. 

Film Room Lesson #8: How to use the R4 system to watch film and study an opponent to win on game day. 

What does the R4 Quarterback School Include?

  • 8 Film Room 60-minute sessions with video examples, walk throughs, and Q&A sessions for students. 
  • Guided walk through to help you build good visual and decision-making skills under pressure. 
  • 10-module pre-recorded video curriculum at your own pace (with lifetime access to these recordings).
  • 30-day step-by-step template pack and walk through to help you overcome the obstacles in the way. 
  • Templates & frameworks to help guide vision, accelerate decisions & improve execution on the field. 
  • Private community of quarterbacks going through the same things as you. 
  • Your own personal quarterback coach to help accelerate your career.  
  • A virtual training data base of every route in football against 150+ defensive scenarios. ****Must own Meta Quest 2 or Oculus 
  • An endless amount of functional equivalent virtual reps graded immediately in your own home. 
  • Life time access to session recordings with detailed notes and resources. 
  • Life time access to Virtual reps of every route in football against most common defensive patterns. 
  • Bonus 120-page workbook that follows along with the entire course.  
  • Guarantee 100% no questions asked refund policy if you find the course isn’t for you.


The R4 Quarterback school is a cohort-based course that has taught over 3,500 quarterbacks the expert strategies required to excel on the field under pressure.

But unlike other training programs, you won’t learn passively – you will get access to an online classroom along with virtual route training to learn the fundamentals of pattern recognition and rapid decision making under pressure.

What's Included in each program?

  • R4 Quarterback School
  • REPS Virtual Route Training

All quarterbacks face the same 10 problems: 

  1. Distractions
  2. Searching the field
  3. Making sense of what you see
  4. Remembering what you saw
  5. Knowing when to throw
  6. Tracking multiple defenders
  7. Stacking decisions
  8. Improvising 
  9. Connecting information
  10. Maintaining rhythm under pressure

The R4 Quarterback School will provide tools to fix each of these problems…

If you’re reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are hurting your confidence and performance on the field. 

Whether it’s to improve your thinking, accelerate your playing career trajectory, or to win the starting job you want, getting better is something that everyone wants at the end of a season.  But don’t wait until August like everyone else…

Demolish your bad habit’s…

There are 3 killers of great quarterbacking…

Under / Overthinking

Locking on to & throwing to one receiver regardless of post snap actions. Cramming five receivers & a full field read into a 3 second timeline. Neither is optimal. 

    Falling out of rhythm

    Hanging on to a receiver too long.  Not adjusting drops to match defensive pressure.  Throwing routes late off their break point. A set-up for failure. 

      Improper eye placement

      Locking on to a receiver. Not understanding how to use hard and soft focus. Lack of planning scans to reduce post-snap vision loss. Basically, flying blind. 

      The R4 Quarterback School provides the tools to train all these bad habits out of you…

      On the surface, the R4 Quarterback School is a course teaching how become an effective quarterback under pressure.

      Upon joining, you’ll unlock (on January 7th) a 4-week curriculum packed with frameworks that guarantee you will improve your ability to accelerate your game. 

      • 8 (1 hour) Film room sessions covering everything you need to play the quarterback position at a high level. 
      • 10+ recorded modules digging deeper into the frameworks introduced in the live sessions. These modules will be dripped through-out the course teaching workflow. (over 20 hours / life-time access). 
      • 120 page pdf workbook that goes along with the course.  
      • Weekly Q&A sessions to reinforce everything you have learned (and make sure no one gets left behind)
      • Virtual training for every route in football. Each route will have the 3-5 most common “interception” patterns that “cap” route space along with “uncapped” open route looks. A total of 150+ different throwing scenarios against defenders along with 42 coverage scenerios. 
      • Virtual training for the top 21 coverages used at every level of football. Over 42 different coverage scenarios to train quarterbacks how to quickly identify coverage and weakneess.  
      • Quarterbacks will have (Lifetime access) to all Virtual Training * Must have a Meta Quest 2 or Oculus 
      • The REPs VR system has a patented voice recognition technology that confirms if the QB can read the route space correctly. Imagine having an immediate and endless feedback loop in your own home. 
      •  The result is accelerated learning through a limitless number of reps that would take years to equal the “live” training that normally would be required.

      R4 + Reps Virtual Route Training

      Imagine if you could get an unlimited amount of live football reps in your own bedroom!

      Now you can with R4 and the REPs VR training system.

      What is it?

      The R4 + REPS Virtual Route Training will give quarterbacks the ability to accelerate anticipation of “What is Open” for every route in football using the R4 mental operating system. 

      The routes covered in the program 

      Rhythm routes

      • Go
      • Seam
      • Crash
      • Corner 
      • Post

      Read routes

      • Curl
      • Comeback
      • Dig
      • Sail
      • Drag

      Rush Routes

      • Hitch
      • Slant
      • Out
      • Shallow
      • Stick

      That is a total of 150+ different throwing scenarios against defenders from the Left & Right hash!

      Each route will have the 3-5 most common “interception” patterns that “cap” route space along with “uncapped” open route looks.

      The REPs VR system has a patented voice recognition technology that confirms if the QB can read the route space correctly.


      The result is accelerated learning through a limitless amount of reps that would take years to equal the “live” training that normally would be required.

      The system is perfect for: 

      Starting quarterbacks that struggle with decision making on specific route patterns.

      Back up quarterbacks that get limited live reps during the season.

      Young quarterbacks that need to learn space and time requirements for routes in football.

      What is REPS & How does it work?

      Advanced Military Technology for the Football Gridiron 

      REPS offers the most advanced virtual reality QB training on the market.

      Real-Life VR, no animation or CGI - You train with real players making real plays.

      REPS is active training, not passive - QBs take a drop and match whole body movement with the scenario in the virtual environment.


      REPS proprietary development process has been shown to amp learning by 30% and improve QB decision-making by 60%.

      Each training repetition is auto-graded and evaluated using advanced voice-recognition technology, vision tracking, and performance timing.

      Every training session is video recorded and can be instantly watched by the player for an instant feedback loop.

      Player performance stats are tracked by day, week, month, and year.

      REPS creates an unmatched deep-learning environment in your home.

      Start training with unlimited live reps in just 3 easy steps:

      Step 1: Buy the R4 Route Family Training Package

      Step 2: Buy Meta quest 2 or own an Oculus 

      Step 3: Get onboarding email from REPS, account information and user tutorials.

      Who is dub maddox

      Coach Maddox is the Assistant Head / QB Coach at Union High School in Tulsa, OK. He previously served 13 years as the Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach for the nationally ranked 13 time 6A State Champion Jenks Trojans in Oklahoma. Coach Maddox’s quarterbacks have broken numerous records at three different schools in Oklahoma. 

      Coach Maddox is one of the leading experts in QB training and offensive scheme tactics in the country. He spends his off-season consulting with NFL and Division I coaches across the country. He is a 4x author and creator of the revolutionary R4 system. The R4 system is a reads and recognition system that is used to accelerate decision making for QB’s and provide sound offensive concepts for their coaches.


      The R4 Quarterback School is a 4-week program that is pre-recorded and can be completed at your own pace. 

      All trainings are recorded and will be given to you with Lifetime Access when you sign up.


      Each live course was hosted on Zoom. Upon sign up we will send you all of the workbooks and recordings for the live trainings. 


      What if I don't have an Oculus?

      You can easily purchase one online or at your local Best Buy. You can also play other VR games with it as well.

      Is this for multiple users?

      This is for a single user, if you are looking for multiple user email us at sales@r4footballsystem.coms.

      Who is the R4 quarterback school recommended for?

      The R4 Quarterback School is for current 7th-12th graders and college quarterbacks.

      I just signed up, what can I expect?

      We will email you a sign up link to our teachable platform a few days before the class begins.  This will allow you to access all the course modules, lessons and workbook on any device. 

      Can I begin training with the Virtual REP’s before the live course begins?

      Absolutely, upon purchase you will be contacted via email by a REP’s VR representative to get you access and onboarding to use the VR training. 

      How much does the course cost?

      Other courses and trainings cost upwards of $3000, But our goal with the R4 Quarterback School is to keep it accessible while still charging enough to keep you accountable.The full price of the course bundle with VR is $695.

      Can I gift enrollment the R4 Quarterback School bundle to a friend?

      Absolutely! And what a tremendous gift indeed.To do so, simply enroll using your email address.Then, send an email to with the subject line GIFT TRANSFER REQUEST and we will send you further instructions.

      What's the time commitment?

      Life is busy. We know how little time students have.But spending 20 minutes a day practicing the methods used in the course has shown the highest level of transfer.On top of daily practice there are two (optional) live sessions per week as well as a weekly self-paced curriculum.

      What if I'm not very tech savvy?

      Don't worry, you're not alone.During onboarding week, we make sure every member is comfortable with the different technologies we will use.

      How long do I have access to the course materials and REP’s VR training?

      You will have access to the course materials and VR training FOREVER.This includes all live sessions, and the asynchronous video materials.

      want to see some of the r4 frameworks in action? 

      check them out here...


      We build winners. period

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