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R4 Football



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Since the turn of the century, science has accelerated sport performance.   Technology has increased the flow of information to accelerate movement and sport strategies. The final frontier to be explored in sport is the realm of the mind.  Lack of science in this area has created a lag in the ability to coach cognition. Language research reveals a secret that can accelerate the cognitive process.

Capology is the football language of the R4 system. Specifically, it is the language and lens of leverage in football. Capology will take you on a journey on how to build, apply and implement a coding language to read the reality in the game. This book is for a coach, scout, or player that longs to attain an expert lens into the passing game of football.

In this book you will learn:

·       Cognitive advantages of linguistic coding.
·       Clear definition of anticipating “open.”
·       Spatial coaching language to enhance the perception of space.
·       Temporal coaching language to predict futures of movement in time.
·       Locomotive coaching language that accelerates decisions on movements.
·       How to use the C.A.P. brevity code to confirm what is “open.”
·       How to watch film and grade man and zone defenders using C.A.P. grades.
·       The most intercepted throws in football and how to avoid them.
·       Visual strategies that increase anticipation of what is “open.”
·       Passing progression scan strategies that accelerate decision making 
·       How to test a quarterback’s route range and overcome capped routes.

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