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R4 Football

Adapt or Die

Adapt or Die

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Football is evolving rapidly. Defenses are accelerating their ability to adapt to the no-huddle tempo, the full-field passing attack, and RPO advancements of the modern Offensive passing game.

The Offense must adapt or get left behind. Fortunately, the R4 System continually advances, making an already proven equalizer the decisive weapon to fast-track Offensive adaptability against the modern warfare of Defense. Dub Maddox picks up where he left off with Headset to Helmet.

In Adapt or Die, he provides an R4 field manual for coaches and players that provides fundamental tools to improve timing and space creation. Then he reveals how to implement new R4 scheme strategies that drive adaptability through simplicity.

In this book you will learn how to: 

    • Maximize drop-time advantages with a “toolbox” of quarterback under-center and shotgun drop

    • Increase route-side space advantage with a “toolbox” of wide receiver releases

    • Apply and execute specific route techniques for the Rhythm, Read, Rush and Release families

    • Reduce the number of concepts carried into the game by creating plays within a pass play

    • Apply progression platforms that accelerate adaptability for any concept

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