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  1. Is R4 an offense with a playbook?

Answer: R4 is not any offense.  It is an operating system that accelerates the functionality for any offense that exists in football.  R4 teaches you how to examine and improve your current playbook or customize one that fits your personnel and scheme of choice.     

  1. Is R4 only for HC & OC's?

Answer: R4 is for any coach, player, analyst, sports fan.  The framework and operating system of R4 can be applied to all positions in football.  Furthermore, the principles of R4 can be applied to any domain that requires accelerated decision making under pressure.  


  1. Is R4 membership a one-time fee?

Answer: New content additions and all-access to R4 staff & webinars require a yearly fee.  The cost to renew is 50% of sign-up price.  You can cancel anytime.