The R4 Story

The R4 story actually begins over 25 years ago when Coach Slack graduated as an All-American QB from the University of Central Florida and set out to build a cutting edge, one of a kind quarterback training experience.  He creatively developed unique and effective ways to accelerate quarterback learning in throwing mechanics using sound biomechanics and science as a backdrop.  Over time, the system grew to attract incredible coaches like Dub Maddox, offensive coordinator and quarterback coach from Jenks High School in Oklahoma (one of the most successful football programs in the history of High School football).  Coach Maddox discovered Coach Slack through the critically acclaimed C4 “Self-Correct” system DVDs.

Coach Maddox speaks of a life-transforming experience those DVDs had on him and one of his young QBs.  So much so, that he bought a plane ticket and sat down personally with Coach Slack to discuss how they could work together to change the way football is played.  Since that first meeting, Coach Maddox has distinguished himself as one of the best trainers of quarterbacks in the nation, and continues to produce staggering statistics each year with R4 in the Jenks football offense.  Coach Maddox trains hundreds of quarterbacks nationwide each year while producing All-State QBs in each of the years he has worked with Coach Slack.

For these men, developing R4 has been like drilling for energy resources that fuel the full spectrum of simple to complex offensive vehicles.  Like the many ways oil is used, R4 began as an intermediate passing system to meet the greatest need at the time, but as Coach Maddox applied the principles in real time on game day, they have been able to expand and engineer a complete operating system for every aspect of the offensive side of the ball using the language and principles of R4.  This is possible because of the powerful common language and turn-key properties of the R4 system.

Built to accelerate learning everywhere, R4 is a process whose applications are inexhaustible.  From QB decision training, to film breakdown, to game planning, to personnel assessment, to run scheme design, to playbook design, to play calling, to staff communication it’s truly a game-changing platform.  It’s so powerful that it doesn’t require you to change your existing offensive system, and it’s installation has proven to enhance the execution of other popular playbook programs like the Nzone and Tony Franklin Systems.  R4 isn’t a playbook, it’s an operating system for your program.  Like Windows runs any application (offensive system) installed, R4 will empower the coach to improve productivity in every phase of his responsibility.