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How to Minimize Football Plays & Maximize Production – R4 & the Pareto Principle

Each week of practice became an experiment to hit a moving target as injuries and unforeseen obstacles kept presenting themselves.  I spent some time researching for solutions during the off-season.  One of the concepts that I spent a deep dive learning was the Pareto Principle.  The Pareto Principal also known as the 80/20 rule was developed in Italy by economist Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923).  Through his research he discovered a numerical pattern emerge between cause and effect.  The proportion was that 80% of the results (effect) are generated from 20% of the cause (effort). 
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The Play Calling Paradox – “What is Open?”

This is one of the biggest mistakes that I made early in my coaching career.  I felt like I needed a contingency plan for every situation imaginable in a game.   I treated football like a game of chess.  Chess is a game of strategy that contains a “correct move” for each situation. However according to John Von Neumann, the creator of Game Theory, chess is not a game.
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