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10 Mistakes that I have made as an Offensive Coordinator

As an offensive coordinator and quarterback coach I get asked all the time to share my favorite drill to help quarterbacks handle pressure and read defenses better. My answer is always the same, “playing in a game.” There is no substitute for the accelerated learning of “In Game” experience. The hard reality of this fact is that game experience is not very forgiving. For a quarterback to earn more of this valuable “In Game” experience he must win, and keep winning. Confronted with this same “in game” experience dilemma as an offensive coordinator, I realized 3 things: Game experience is a non-negotiable to becoming a great play caller. The key to increasing game experience is to limit your mistakes. The best way to limit your mistakes is to learn from others. In my effort to improve as an offensive coordinator through others I discovered a common problem. It’s very difficult to find offensive coordinators open to discussing their mistakes and weaknesses as play callers. My hope is to bridge that learning gap for other play callers out there with 10 mistakes I’ve made as an offensive coordinator.
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