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Step 2

Step 3

Once payment has been received we will email you our R4 Registration Forms and Non Disclosure Agreements for you and your staff to sign electronically.

Step 4

Once payment has been received and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) have been completed & signed we will email you and your staff their login credentials.

Why should I sign up for the R4 subscription, when I already have access to lots of content online?

Simple. Content informs. Community transforms. The access to a skyrocketing’ number of “think-outside-the-box” coaches who have assimilated and applied this revolutionary R4 thought process into their existing systems. The great success they’ve had will be shared in webinars held two times per month on the R4 website. In addition, you will be able to network with like-minded offensive minds around a
Common language that has already proven to produce explosive offensive football.

Will Coach Maddox and Slack be available for questions if I need help?

Yes, you will have access to scheduled online Q & A sessions with Coach Maddox And Coach Slack. They will also be available on the message board to assist with some material as well. We will also make other R4 coaches available to you for cross pollination of concepts and input to improve how we are using R4.The purpose of the R4 subscription is to come alongside coaches who are building fueled systems and provide them Ideas, contacts, and insights to help them accelerate their installs.

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