R4 Capology masterclass 

The R4 Capology Masterclass is designed to teach coaches and players how to become an expert in pattern recognition and decision making under pressure in the game of football. 

R4 creator Dub Maddox will teach you using film and field drills on how to apply the verbal and visual strategies in the Capology book. These strategies are proven to enhance spatial awareness and anticipation for the run and passing game.

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This class will teach coaches and players:

  • How to see more space and communicate the reality of space availability quickly 
  • Visual cues that predict post snap movement patterns in the run and pass game
  • How to watch and grade scout film quickly
  • How to gameplan based on the opponent’s personnel strengths and weaknesses
  • The most common interception patterns and how to prevent them.

These techniques and more will be covered in the class. 



  • Capology – Football’s Language & Lens of Leverage 
  • Spatial Language – Coverage
  • Time Language – Alignment 
  • Talent Language – Personnel



  • C.A.P. Codes – Brevity 
  • C.A.P. Grades – Man Coverage 
  • C.A.P. Grades – Zone Coverage 
  • C.A.P. Advancements – Closure Confirmation




  • C.A.P. Maps – Interception Armor 
  • C.A.P. Control – Increasing Vision 
  • C.A.P. Juggling – Scan Strategies 
  • C.A.P. Throws – Breaking the Rules

Who is dub maddox

Coach Maddox is the Assistant Head / QB Coach at Union High School in Tulsa, OK. He is also a co-owner and Camp / Curriculum director for QB Collective Academy. He previously served 13 years as the Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach for the nationally ranked 13 time 6A State Champion Jenks Trojans in Oklahoma.

Coach Maddox is considered to be one of the leading experts in QB training and offensive scheme tactics in the country. He is a 4x author and creator of the revolutionary R4 system. The R4 system is a reads and recognition system that is used to accelerate decision making for QB’s and provide sound offensive concepts for their coaches.

Was $349. 25% OFF for a limited time!



The R4 Capology Masterclass is for coaches and players at the high school level and beyond.

We build winners. period.

"Thank you Coach Maddox. I have purchased my son some R4 books and he wanted to learn more about the R4 system to make him a better QB. This course really advanced my sons Football IQ. It taught him how to read defenses. Also taught him how to put his team in the best play to be successful."

"As a coach I enjoyed being able to take the R4 Basic training course. 

It was extremely helpful to be able to watch film from high school, college, and NFL quarterbacks that supported each concept taught. 

The material and drills I received will be a great addition to our current QB School. 

The R4 system is extremely helpful in taking away the gray area that can be involved in playing QB and will definitely accelerate their decision making process."

"Thank you Coach Maddox for the R4 QB School. One of the best things I’ve ever seen to read coverages and make better decisions. I wish I would have had this last season!"