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Drawing good plays is never the problem. Typically, there are no bad football plays designed. Only ones that are run with the wrong personnel/formation, are used at the wrong time, are wrongly executed, or are called against the wrong defense.

What if there was a way to minimize the wrong personnel/formations, poor timing, marginal execution, and bad defensive anticipation on the part of the coach?

Every year, as personnel graduates and grows, game video is reviewed, staffs are changed, and clinics are attended the playbook gets retooled and repurposed. There are so many variables that influence the playbook’s design, is it possible to suggest there is a way to universally define its structure? Yes, R4 lays a playbook’s foundation for Offensive football, it’s not just a single scheme of offense.

There are phenomenal playbook resources available on the market today. R4 is not your playbook. It’s the bedrock on which you build your philosophy of Offensive football. R4 provides the standards that matter most while leaving the style of offense up to you.

R4 helps build a playbook on rock solid principles that resists unnecessary changes or expansions that come from chasing newfangled schemes, internal staff disagreement, and coach insecurity over insufficient play makers.

How is this done?

The R4 Offensive system principles challenge every coach to ask and answer difficult questions about their offensive system and approach. By addressing the coach’s philosophy, his fundamental beliefs are addressed and strengthened about how offensive football is to be done.

The goal isn’t trying to convince the coach of a better way, it’s helping coaches get out of their own way in putting their players in a position to be successful on every play call.

Using sequential, building block teaching and compelling arguments, the R4 reshapes the offensive coach’s convictions about what he needs most in his playbook, regardless of what he has believed, has succeeded with, or has done before.

R4 will reorient the coach’s thinking to best practices that produce chain-moving results in any offensive system they run, even if they pay for the system they currently use.

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