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This is the time when offensive coordinators step back and assess how we called plays and executed our offense. This review can be full of regrets and frustration at missed opportunities. We acknowledge moments of weakness where we admit we weren’t able to anticipate problems and necessary solutions that arose in games, we admit that at times we just didn’t know what play to call next, or how to use injury depleted personnel groupings, or how to deal with being physically outmatched.

We are tempted to wish we would have done this or that…
why didn’t we get the ball to this or that player more often?…
why didn’t I call this or that play in certain situations?…
why did I run this or that scheme I knew my personnel couldn’t handle?….

We emerge from this process saying to everyone around us “next year, we need to be able to do more with less.” We say this confidently, but in the back of our minds we wonder if it’s actually possible to do it.

We reason that if it were possible, why haven’t we already made it happen?

In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes we made, we must be willing to consider that our playbook isn’t the problem. Year after year we observe coaches seeking to change their offensive system, not their operating system, and they are right back in the same place again asking the same doubting questions.

We aren’t here to tell you to think outside the box…what we need to do together is smash the box.
The box is our process. The process isn’t what we accomplished or ran for our offensive scheme, but how and why we did what we did. It’s our coaching language, methods, routines, and assumptions about offense and how we execute it. It’s the way we’ve always done things that ensures yet another second round exit from the playoffs, or worse, no playoffs at all.

R4 isn’t a new offensive scheme, it’s a total offensive solution. It’s quite possibly the last four words you will ever need to seamlessly integrate your existing schemes to do more with less. R4 isn’t just about drawing up new plays, it’s about drilling down our foundational process deeper than ever before.

We believe it will change the way you do what you do best. We aren’t here to reinvent your wheel…We’re just going to make it turn faster than ever before.

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