FREE, 33-Page, R4 Training Manual For Football Coaches & Players

Light Up The Score Board By Accelerating Your Ability To Make Decisions Under Pressure With The R4 Football Training Manual

No more feeling overwhelmed by all the information you have to teach or absorb in a short amount of time...

FREE, 33-Page, R4 Training Manual

YES! I Want To Win More Games This Year... Without Overwhelming Myself Or My Team With An Overload Of Information.

Accelerate Your Football Career With Our Complete Training Manual full of Frameworks & Fundamentals That Will Accelerate Your Ability To Make Decisions Under Pressure.

Here's a fraction of what you'll gain from the R4 Training Manual:

  • Improve your ability to recognize defensive front and coverage weakness faster.

  • Learn to manipulate the timeline, no matter what play you're running with our organized 'families' made up of the footworks required in Football.

  • Learn to build the game-speed timing you need to make completions using our battle-tested workout plan.

  • ​How to watch film more efficiently so you know exactly how to attack each specific defender, no matter their strength or weakness.

  • ​Learn our C.A.P system which is our language structure we use to build anticipation and find what 'open' is, so when you get into the game, you can confirm route-space faster before it actually happens.

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