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How much do we bring into a game? What determines how much we have to practice during game week? How can we minimize wasted preparation time?

The new R4 Offensive system breaks the game planning process down farther than any system available. R4 is not going to change your plays, just the amount you have and why you use them.

The R4 game planning process walks the coach through film breakdown, play selection, call sheet creation, and game day play calling. It simulates, distills, and accelerates game day decision-making before you create the practice scripts for game week.

How does it work?

We do this through training coaches to understand the core non-negotiables of things like:

  • Using the spatial awareness of the HALO to know where to attack
  • Discerning defensive intent through the CAP
  • Identifying man advantage principles to exploit weakness
  • Utilizing formation pressure to create scheme opportunities
  • Integrating R4 language to streamline play packaging
  • Inserting run game accelerators to quicken play calling decisions
  • Implementing pass game accelerators to speed up QB decision-making
  • Learning how personnel grouping assessment increases key player maximization
  • Building scheme families that protect one another, and much more

Through clearly delivered, sequential installation video modules, recorded webinars, and uploaded content coach’s eyes are opened to whole new possibilities using their existing offense, personnel, and staff to generate increased levels of productivity.

“We spent hours learning core defensive structures and alignments during the installation modules and there was never a front or coverage mentioned! The phenomenal depth and discipline to this process leaves me speechless…Game changer doesn’t say enough about what this is – it’s a life changer.” – R4 Focus Group Coach

  • How would you like to save hours in the Film Room?
  • How would you like to communicate without confusing players and staff?
  • How would you like to know what the best plays to call faster?
  • How would you like to simplify your call sheet design and function?
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