What is Open?

What is Open?

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Technology is changing football. In the history of the game, it has never been easier to gather scheme and strategy information. Top secret plays, game plans, and play call sheets that were once reserved for coaches at the highest-level can easily be found on the internet.

Analytics and algorithms fed into super machines are challenging the thought process of traditional game plan and play calling theory. However, the surge of information that is meant to help human decision-making is harming it.

Dub Maddox continues the journey from Headset to Helmet and Adapt or Die. In What is Open? he shows coaches and players simple game planning and play calling process that accelerates answers in finding “open.”

In this book you will learn how to: 

    • Identify key frames of reference that read the reality of space advantage.

    • Structure mental models that develop an intuition of open space.

    • Implement three core run and pass scheme strategies that every play should possess.

    • Include different personnel and formations to increase structural strain on a defense.

    • Implement progression platforms that sequence plays into a storyboard format.

    • Advance the ability to game plan an opponent using the R4 grid.

    • Apply concept grids into a workflow that becomes the R4 play call sheet. …and much more.

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