10 Mistakes Keeping a Quarterback Highlight Film From STANDING OUT

One of my quarterbacks recently asked for help. He wasn’t sure how to build a good highlight film with his best plays from the previous year. Making a highlight film stand out begins with having great highlights. But before I could give advice, I wanted to make sure I covered my bases. Like anyone looking for answers, I Googled it. What were other quarterbacks doing with their highlight films? Fifteen minutes in, my eyes went numb.

Many videos had great plays but even more distractions. Soon, my numb eyes caught a pattern.

The biggest mistake was forgetting the target audience. The why behind a video is to get a college coach to recruit you…period. Not your friends, followers, and family. If you keep that at the forefront, mistakes will fall away.

Here are the 10 most common mistakes in a quarterback highlight film.

1. The film is TOO LONG

Target 5 minutes or less.

Understand, the college coach has a limited amount of time in his day. Don’t waste it with a 12-minute video that no one watches to the end. 4 to 5 minutes, closer to 4, is the optimal video length. This limit forces you to include only the best plays.

2. Your intro is TOO INFORMATIVE

Put your basic information on one opening title slide.

Short, sweet and informative, the opening title slide includes your position, jersey number, name, school name, and graduating class year. The college coach doesn’t care what you look like, school records, bench press, forty time…SHOW, DON’T TELL! Remember: Your highlight film is an introduction to your abilities. It is not an interview. That interview opportunity and details will come after they determine if you can play football.Read More