What is OPEN? – The Most Important Question a Quarterback Must Answer

“What is “open”

This was the question that was stuck in my head as I sat in an office listening to a respected D1 offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. He had been mentored under some of the best passing game minds in football and was illustrating his methods for reading a Shallow concept.

I built up enough courage to ask the question. “Coach, how do you teach your quarterback to know what is “open”?

I will never forget the look on his face. I couldn’t tell if he was stumped or if he was offended that I asked such an elementary question. There was a 7 second pause that felt like 7 minutes. Then he said, “He just knows…” and continued drawing and talking progressions.

“He just knows…”

I was deflated by the answer. All I kept thinking was, “What if my quarterback just doesn’t know”. Read More